about me:


hiii! I'm melinda rodrigues ;) who am i? good question! here's what I know so far: I'm a proud latina -who is fluent in spanglish! i'm in my 30's (i am a Libra & a 1986 baby!). I am married, i birthed 2 beautiful boys, i live in boston (but not really in boston- 10 minutes out of the city), oh & of course i live in a wicked old house, that I am constantly redecorating- it's a problem. & even tho i'm a homeowner with a husband and kids- i still don't feel grown up. go figure. i swear too much, my mouth has a very veryyy thin filter. i prefer sneakers over heels. i still get sucked into pop culture. oh & I'm in love with art + design

this space was formerly happy soiree*,but after so many years of blogging, I felt tired of following the standard blogger rules. Also, i've been planning less and less parties & taking my time to really self reflect and live more consciously. + blogging the way i was got to a point where i know longer felt like my brand was really me. I DON'T WANT TO EVER FEEL LIKE MY ONLINE PERSONA AND ME IN REAL LIFE ARE 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE. ALSO, I JUST CAN'T WITH ALL THE WHEN TO POST RULES, MY CREATIVITY IS A STUBBORN who does not like to be rushed. plus, after all in my offline life I rebel against ALL the "NORMAL" rules I think are ridiculous. 

after lots and lots and lots of thinking (mostly anxiety driven thoughts) I have finally figured out what it was that I wanted for my blog. i want this space to purely be my creative outlet. I need a space where i can share inspirations, explore my creativity without feeling constrained to a theme. it has take me so long to get to this point...

So here goes....

i am a 30 something year old college student, studying visual design, I have finally figured out what I want to do with my career. i feel like this is me honoring the hopes and dreams of the little girl who wanted to be an artist but got lost along the way. 

this is my story. my little space on the big world wide web. 

i want it to be as real as can be. 


* you can read more about the switch from happy soiree to querida melinda here. 


on creating something real: 



  1. actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.

    "frida kahlo was a real person"

    synonyms:actual, nonfictional, factual, real-life; 

  2. (of a substance or thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine.

    "the earring was presumably real gold"

    synonyms:genuine, authentic, bona fide