Makeup Brush Cleaning Beauty Hack

Makeup Brush cleaning Hack

So today I bring you a beauty hack. This is for all of my fellow ladies who hate cleaning their makeup brushes. 

I hate it. Like, I really really do. 

I am a hardcore makeup junkie. I freaking love it! 

But I feel like, they should invent self cleaning makeup brushes. 

Well until that happens, here's a way to get those brushes clean! 

Have you seen the Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Mat & or the Glove? Well if you haven't just click ---> here <--- Now you have. 

Pretty cool right? What's not cool is the price. I mean it's not that bad, but ehhh I'm kinda cheap sometimes. 

So here's what you do if you like to save (be cheap) money like me. 

Just buy a silicone oven mitt. 

I bought mine at Ikea for $3. Yep, three bucks. You could also buy one at the dollar store, for a dollar. 

I mean it doesn't come in a pretty color. Kinda reminds me of a lobster claw. But whatever it does the job. 

To clean my makeup brushes, I use baby shampoo. 

All you need to do is squirt some shampoo on your mitt & wet it.

Next you want to wet your brush and start swirling it in circular motions on to the soapy mitt. Making sure to get deep into the brush bristles. 

Then run the brush under the water and rub out all the soap. After you see the water is clear and you got all the soap out. Squeeze as much water out of the brush and mold the brush back into it's shape. 

To dry them, make sure to leave them propped bristles side down. 

Like so:

Leave them there till they're dry & that's it! 

Here are my clean brushes! :)

I'm not going to go into full detail about why you need to clean your makeup brushes. C'mon dirty things carry bacteria. Bacteria leads to breakouts.

Clean your brushes.

Don't be like me and wait forever (I'm not sharing how long I wait in between because then you'll think I'm gross) to clean them. 

Do you have an even better lazy girl makeup brush cleaning hack? Please do share below